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IPO Vital Signs - The Diagnostics of Going Public

IPO Vital Signs

IPO Vital Signs® is an advanced IPO research and analysis tool that satisfies the most challenging research needs of legal professionals and pre-IPO executives leading up to and during the going public process. An easy-to-use, web-based system, IPO Vital Signs® provides in-depth answers to the hundreds of questions surrounding a company‚Äôs initial public offering.

IPO Professionals

For IPO professionals, IPO Vital Signs® assists in the four key areas of preparation for an initial public offering:
  • marketing IPO services;
  • advising IPO clients;
  • negotiating the IPO deal, and
  • drafting the IPO prospectus.
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Executives of Pre-IPO Companies

For executives of pre-IPO companies looking to undertake an initial public offering, IPO Vital Signs® gives them definitive, actionable information to make the going public process more transparent, efficient, cheaper, and rewarding.

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What is an IPO Vital Sign?

An IPO Vital Sign® is a unique view into our comprehensive database of IPO facts built through years of research...

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Preview and IPO Vital Sign   IPO Counsel (IPO Issuer's Representations plus IPO Underwriters' Mandates)

Review 2020 IPO law firms by...

  • IPO Law Firm 
  • Combined IPOs (Count, Percentage)
  • Combined IPO Offering Amount (Aggregate, Percentage) 
  • Issuer's Law Firm (IPOs, Aggr. Offer Amt.) 
  • Underwriters' Law Firm (IPOs, Aggr. Offer Amt.)